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1996 - 2000
3 x LP Vinyl
United States - 2009 - 39 Tracks
Plain Recordings plain200
limited numbered edition 3-LP box set, includes "12 Golden Country Greats", "The Mollusk" and "White Pepper" on 180 gram coloured vinyl
M / M
still sealed


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12 Golden Country Greats
A1 I’m Holding You
A2 Japanese Cowboy
A3 Piss Up A Rope
A4 I Don’t Wanna Leave You On The Farm
A5 Pretty Girl
B1 Powder Blue
B2 Mister Richard Smoker
B3 Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
B4 You Were The Fool
B5 Fluffy
The Mollusk
C1 I’m Dancing In The Show Tonight
C2 The Mollusk
C3 Polka Dot Tail
C4 I’ll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
C5 Mutilated Lips
C6 The Blarney Stone
C7 It’s Gonna Be (Alright)
C8 The Golden Eel
D1 Cold Blows The Wind
D2 Pink Eye (On My Leg)
D3 Waving My Dick In The Wind
D4 Buckingham Green
D5 Ocean Man
D6 She Wanted To Leave (Reprise)
White Pepper
E1 Exactly Where I’m At
E2 Flutes Of Chi
E3 Even If You Don’t
E4 Bananas And Blow
E5 Stroker Ace
E6 Ice Castles
F1 Back To Basom
F2 The Grobe
F3 Pandy Fackler
F4 Stay Forever
F5 Falling Out
F6 She’s Your Baby

A&R [„White Pepper“] – Josh Deutsch
Art Direction [„White Pepper“] – Gregory Burke
Artwork [Cover Art „12 Country Greats“] – Chuck DeHaan (tracks: A1 to B5)
Banjo – Buddy Blackman* (tracks: A1 to B5)
Bass – Bob Wray (tracks: A1 to B5), Kip Paxton (tracks: A1 to B5)
Bass, Harmonica, Percussion, Vibraphone [Vibes], Organ, Trumpet, Banjo [Tenor Banjo], Tuba – Charlie McCoy (tracks: A1 to B5)
Booking [„The Mollusk“] – CPG LTD.*, Lisa Miller (8)
Booking [„White Pepper“] – Frank Riley (2), Monterey Peninsula Artists
Clarinet – Denis Solee (tracks: A1 to B5)
Cover [„The Mollusk“] – Finlay Cowan, Sam Brooks (2), Storm Thorgerson
Design [Outer Sleeve Design „1996-2000“] – Aaron Tanner, Nathaniel Russell
Drums – Buddy Harman (tracks: A1 to B5), Gene Chrisman (tracks: A1 to B5)
Engineer – Bobby Bradley (tracks: A1 to B5)
Engineer [Assistant Engineer At The Magic Shop] – Juan Garcia (tracks: C1 to D6)
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] – Damien Shannon (tracks: E1 to F6), Danny Madorsky (tracks: E1 to F6), Phil Painson (tracks: E1 to F6)
Engineer [Ween Live Sound, „The Mollusk“], Engineer [Ween Live Sound Engineer, „White Pepper“] – Kirk Miller
Fiddle, Mandolin – Buddy Spicher (tracks: A1 to B5)
Graphics [„The Mollusk“] – Peter Curzon
Graphics [Computer Retouching, „The Mollusk“] – Jason Reddy
Guitar, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Bass [6-String Bass] – Pete Wade (tracks: A1 to B5)
Lacquer Cut By – Dc*
Legal [Legal Representation, „The Mollusk“] – George Edward Regis
Legal [Legal Representation, „White Pepper“] – George Edward Regis Esq.*
Management [„The Mollusk] – 3AM-NYC*, Roger Cramer (2)
Management [„White Pepper“] – Greg Frey, Steve Martin (18)
Management [Accounting, „The Mollusk“] – Diane Sweeney, Lia Sweet, RZO Inc.-NYC*
Management [Accounting, „White Pepper“] – Diane Sweeney, Lia Sweet, RZO Inc. NY*
Management [Tour Manager, „The Mollusk“] – Paul Monahan
Management [Tour Manager, „White Pepper“] – Dan Mapp, Paul Monahan
Mastered By – Howie Weinberg (tracks: E1 to F6)
Mixed By, Edited By [Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped, Diced] – Andrew Weiss (tracks: C1 to D6)
Painting [Cover Painting „White Pepper“] – Jon Weiss (7)
Pedal Steel Guitar – Russ Hicks (tracks: A1 to B5)
Performer [Ween Is] – Andrew Weiss (tracks: C1 to D6), Bill Fowler (2) (tracks: C1 to D6), Charlie McClelland (tracks: C1 to D6), Claude Coleman (tracks: C1 to F6), Dave Dreiwitz (tracks: E1 to F6), Dean Ween (tracks: C1 to F6), Gene Ween (tracks: C1 to F6), George Altonen (tracks: C1 to D6), Glenn McClelland (tracks: C1 to F6), Matt Kohut (tracks: C1 to D6), Mean Ween (tracks: C1 to D6), Stephan Said (tracks: C1 to D6)
Performer [With] – Angela Clemons* (tracks: E1 to F6), Chris Shaw (tracks: E1 to F6), Danny Madorsky (tracks: E1 to F6), Greg Frey (tracks: E1 to F6), Jane Scarpantoni (tracks: E1 to F6), Mark McDonald (tracks: E1 to F6), Pat Frey (tracks: E1 to F6), Russel Simins* (tracks: E1 to F6), Stu Basore (tracks: E1 to F6), Vaneese Thomas (tracks: E1 to F6)
Photography By [„The Mollusk“] – Rupert Truman
Photography By [„White Pepper“] – Danny Clinch
Photography By [Band Photo „1996-2000 Outer Sleeve“] – Danny Clinch
Photography By [Band Photo „The Mollusk“] – Tom Nichols (5)
Piano – Hargus „Pig“ Robbins* (tracks: A1 to B5)
Producer – Andrew Weiss (tracks: C1 to D6), Ben Vaughn (tracks: A1 to B5), Chris Shaw (tracks: E1 to F6), Ween (tracks: E1 to F6)
Promotion [Publicity, „The Mollusk“], Promotion [Publicity, „White Pepper“] – Nasty Little Man, Shelby Meade
Recorded By, Engineer – Andrew Weiss (tracks: C1 to D6), Claude Coleman Jr* (tracks: C1 to D6), Dean Ween (tracks: C1 to D6), Gene Ween (tracks: C1 to D6)
Recorded By, Mixed By – Chris Shaw (tracks: E1 to F6)
Songwriter – Ween (tracks: A1 to B5, C2 to C8, D2 to F6)
Technician [Assistance With The Record] – Bill McNamara (tracks: C1 to D6), Christopher Huetz (tracks: C1 to D6), Dan Brewer (tracks: C1 to D6), Eric Eger (tracks: C1 to D6), Jake Harmon (2) (tracks: C1 to D6), Jeff Rusnak (tracks: C1 to D6), Jim Woolsey (tracks: C1 to D6), Mick Preston (tracks: C1 to D6), Ralph Smith (2) (tracks: C1 to D6), Steve Nebesney (tracks: C1 to D6)
Technician [Backline And Poopypants, „White Pepper“] – Mick Preston (2)
Vocals – The Jordanaires (tracks: A1 to B5)