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In Absentia Dei
3 x LP Vinyl
Europe - 2021 - 23 Tracks
Nuclear Blast 5714-1
trifold sleeve
M / M


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# Titel
Act I
A1 Evoe
A2 Wolves Ov Siberia
A3 Prometherion
A4 From The Pagan Vastlands
Act II
B1 Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
B2 Antichristian Phenomenon
B3 Conquer All
B4 Lucifer
C1 Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
C2 Satan’s Sword (I Have Become)
C3 Ov Fire And The Void
C4 Chwała Mordercom Wojciecha
D1 As Above So Below
D2 Slaves Shall Serve
D3 Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V.
Act IV
E1 Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
E2 Bartzabel
E3 Decade Ov Therion
F O Father O Satan O Sun!

A&R [Nuclear Blast Records] – Jens Prüter*
Artwork [Artworks], Design, Typography – Bartek Rogalewicz
Crew [Live Production Team], Engineer [Motion] – Andrzej Matejak
Crew [Live Production Team], Lighting [Concept & Lightning Designer] – Bartłomiej Wąs
Crew [Live Production Team], Lighting [Lights & Multimedia] – Karol Jastrzębowski, Michał Sacha
Crew [Live Production Team], Mixed By [Live Audio Mixing], Recorded By [Audio Recording] – Arkadiusz Malczewski
Crew [Live Production Team], Other [Band Assistant] – Mariusz Wiórkiewicz
Crew [Live Production Team], Other [Driver] – Grzegorz Mosur, Pieter Smit
Crew [Live Production Team], Other [Pyro & Special Effects Provided By] – Black FX
Crew [Live Production Team], Other [Pyro & Special Effects] – Jacek Zyskowski, Karol Lachowski, Patryk Lachowski, Paweł Piwnicki
Crew [Live Production Team], Other [Vendors] – Concept Music Art, Jarosław Kaszyński, Maglis Hospitality & More, Progresja Music Zone
Crew [Live Production Team], Production Manager – Marek Serba
Crew [Live Production Team], Project Manager – Przemysław Chłąd
Crew [Live Production Team], Technician [Drum] – Adam Sierżęga
Crew [Live Production Team], Technician [Guitar Technicians] – Piotr Ostrowski, Rafał Brauer
Crew [Live Production Team], Technician [Power] – Marek Kraśnicki
Executive-Producer – Adam Foster (4), Behemoth (3), G13 Production House*
Executive-Producer [Executive Assistant] – Mario Rubio
Lacquer Cut By – -LvC-*
Management [Artist Managers] – Adam Foster (4), Justin Arcangel
Management [Digital & Marketing Manager] – Tom Devonshire (2)
Management [Executive] – 5B Artists & Media*
Management [Managing Director, Nuclear Blast Records] – Marcus Hammer
Mixed By [Audio Mixing], Mastered By [Audio Mastering] – Haldor Grunberg
Musician – Inferno (9), Nergal, Orion (11), Seth (7)
Other [Digital Strategist, Nuclear Blast Records] – Joe Haeger
Photography By – Bartek Rogalewicz, Dariusz Szermanowicz, Grzegorz Gołębiowski
Product Manager [Nuclear Blast Records] – Anne Swallow, Markus Jakob (2)
Project Manager [Project Managers] – Jenny Douglas (3), Katherine Hogarth
Promotion [Nuclear Blast Records] – Leoni Dowidat