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Den Of Iniquity
2 x LP Vinyl
United States - 2017 - 23 Tracks
Organized Crime Records OCR053-LP
limited edition on grey vinyl, gatefold sleeve
M / M


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# Title
A1 March Of The Damned
A2 Darkness
A3 Live It Down
A4 Bringing It Back
A5 Dead Wrong
A6 Jimson Isolation
A7 Dawn Of The New Apocalypse
B1 ATF Assault
B2 All Is Lost
B3 Sarin
B4 Divinity In Exile
B5 Evacuate
B6 Learn How To Die
B7 Fear: The True Name Of Beauty
C1 Die Hard (Live)
C2 Hollow (Live)
C3 Jagged Visions 96
C4 Eighteen (Live From Studio A)
C5 B.A.T.F. Would Be Proud
D1 Kingdom Of Heaven
D2 Rebirth
D3 Eighteen
D4 Silence Ever After