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Strength And Vision
20 x LP Vinyl
United States - 2016 - 220 Tracks
Neurot Recordings NR100
super deluxe boxx set limited to 1300 copies with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, with 20 LPs - including the sealed replacement copy of Sovereign - plus 11 CDs: All 11 studio records on 3 LPs and 8 2xLPs pressed on 180 gram vinyl, LP sleeves with newly adapted designs, 106-page book with all original artworks, lyric booklets etc, All albums on 11 CDs inside the book, 1 exclusive Neurosis – strength & vision embroidered patch, 1 exclusive handprinted poster, 1 certificate of authenticity
EX- / EX
minor wear on some CDs/Lps from moving inside the box set, nothing serious at all


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# Titel Dauer
Pain Of Mind
A1 Pain Of Mind
A2 Self-Taught Infection
A3 Reasons To Hide
A4 Black
A5 Training
A6 Progress
A7 Stalemate
B1 Bury What’s Dead
B2 Geneticide
B3 Ingrown
B4 United Sheep
B5 Dominoes Fall
B6 Life On Your Knees
B7 Grey
The Word As Law
C1 Double-Edged Sword
C2 The Choice
C3 Obsequious Obsolescence
C4 To What End?
D1 Tomorrow’s Reality
D2 Common Inconsistencies
D3 Insensitivity
D4 Blisters
Souls At Zero
E1 To Crawl Under One’s Skin
E2 Souls At Zero
E3 Zero
F1 Flight
F2 The Web
F3 Sterile Vision
G1 A Chronology For Survival
G2 Stripped
H1 Takeahnase
H2 Empty
Enemy Of The Sun
I1 Lost
I2 Raze The Stray
J1 Burning Flesh In Year Of Pig
J2 Cold Ascending
J3 Lexicon
K1 Enemy Of The Sun
K2 The Time Of The Beasts
L1 Cleanse
Through Silver In Blood
M1 Through Silver In Blood
M2 Rehumanize
M3 Eye
N1 Purify
N2 Locust Star
O1 Strength Of Fates
O2 Become The Ocean
P1 Aeon
P2 Enclosure In Flame
Times Of Grace
Q1 Suspended In Light
Q2 The Doorway
Q3 Under The Surface
R1 The Last You’ll Know
R2 Belief
R3 Exist
S1 End Of The Harvest
S2 Descent
S3 Away
T1 Times Of Grace
T2 The Road To Sovereignty
U1 Through Silver In Blood
U2 Rehumanize
U3 Eye
V1 Sovereign
A Sun That Never Sets
W1 Erode
W2 The Tide
W3 From The Hill
X1 A Sun That Never Sets
X2 Falling Unknown
Y1 From Where Its Roots Run
Y2 Crawl Back In
Y3 Watchfire
Z1 Resound
Z2 Stones From The Sky
The Eye Of Every Storm
AA1 Burn
AA2 No River To Take Me Home
AB1 The Eye Of Every Storm
AB2 Left To Wander
AC1 Shelter
AC2 A Season In The Sky
AD1 Bridges
AD2 I Can See You
Given To The Rising
AE1 Given To The Rising
AE2 Fear And Sickness
AF1 To The Wind
AF2 At The End Of The Road
AF3 Shadow
AG1 Distill (Watching The Swarm)
AG2 Water Is Not Enough
AG3 Nine
AH1 Hidden Faces
AH2 Origin
Honor Found In Decay
AI1 We All Rage In Gold
AI2 At The Well
AJ1 My Heart For Deliverance
AK1 Bleeding The Pigs
AK2 Casting Of The Ages
AL1 All Is Found… In Time
AL2 Raise The Dawn
Pain Of Mind
CD1-1 Pain Of Mind 3:07
CD1-2 Self-Taught Infection 3:01
CD1-3 Reasons To Hide 3:02
CD1-4 Black 4:56
CD1-5 Training 1:02
CD1-6 Progress 1:46
CD1-7 Stalemate 2:30
CD1-8 Bury What’s Dead 2:05
CD1-9 Geneticide 2:35
CD1-10 Ingrown 2:24
CD1-11 United Sheep 3:06
CD1-12 Dominoes Fall 3:00
CD1-13 Life On Your Knees 2:20
CD1-14 Grey 2:41
The Word As Law
CD2-1 Double-Edged Sword 4:05
CD2-2 The Choice 4:07
CD2-3 Obsequious Obsolescence 5:12
CD2-4 To What End 6:23
CD2-5 Tomorrow’s Reality 5:47
CD2-6 Common Inconsistencies 4:24
CD2-7 Insensitivity 0:47
CD2-8 Blisters 7:18
Souls At Zero
CD3-1 To Crawl Under One’s Skin 7:51
CD3-2 Souls At Zero 9:19
CD3-3 Zero 1:41
CD3-4 Flight 4:06
CD3-5 The Web 4:55
CD3-6 Sterile Vision 6:20
CD3-7 A Chronology For Survival 9:34
CD3-8 Stripped 8:00
CD3-9 Takeahnase 7:56
CD3-10 Empty 1:36
Enemy Of The Sun
CD4-1 Lost 9:41
CD4-2 Raze The Stray 8:42
CD4-3 Burning Flesh In Year Of Pig 1:38
CD4-4 Cold Ascending 4:35
CD4-5 Lexicon 5:41
CD4-6 Enemy Of The Sun 7:33
CD4-7 The Time Of The Beasts 7:59
CD4-8 Cleanse 15:53
Through Silver In Blood
CD5-1 Through Silver In Blood 12:12
CD5-2 Rehumanize 1:46
CD5-3 Eye 5:18
CD5-4 Purify 12:18
CD5-5 Locust Star 5:48
CD5-6 Strength Of Fates 9:44
CD5-7 Become The Ocean 1:27
CD5-8 Aeon 11:44
CD5-9 Enclosure In Flame 10:20
Times Of Grace
CD6-1 Suspended In Light 1:59
CD6-2 The Doorway 7:35
CD6-3 Under The Surface 8:37
CD6-4 The Last You’ll Know 9:14
CD6-5 Belief 5:56
CD6-6 Exist 1:41
CD6-7 End Of The Harvest 7:28
CD6-8 Descent 2:57
CD6-9 Away 9:35
CD6-10 Times Of Grace 7:23
CD6-11 The Road To Sovereignty 3:39
CD7-1 Prayer 7:27
CD7-2 An Offering 7:51
CD7-3 Flood 4:08
CD7-4 Sovereign 13:16
A Sun That Never Sets
CD8-1 Erode 1:50
CD8-2 The Tide 8:48
CD8-3 From The Hill 9:26
CD8-4 A Sun That Never Sets 5:00
CD8-5 Falling Unknown 13:11
CD8-6 From Where Its Roots Run 3:41
CD8-7 Crawl Back In 6:51
CD8-8 Watchfire 8:26
CD8-9 Resound 1:26
CD8-10 Stones From The Sky 9:46
The Eye Of Every Storm
CD9-1 Burn 7:07
CD9-2 No River To Take Me Home 8:43
CD9-3 The Eye Of Every Storm 11:57
CD9-4 Left To Wander 8:10
CD9-5 Shelter 5:18
CD9-6 A Season In The Sky 9:51
CD9-7 Bridges 11:35
CD9-8 I Can See You 6:12
Given To The Rising
CD10-1 Given To The Rising 8:55
CD10-2 Fear And Sickness 7:14
CD10-3 To The Wind 7:38
CD10-4 At The End Of The Road 8:25
CD10-5 Shadow 2:26
CD10-6 Hidden Faces 5:33
CD10-7 Water Is Not Enough 7:03
CD10-8 Distill (Watching The Swarm) 9:14
CD10-9 Nine 2:29
CD10-10 Origin 11:49
Honor Found In Decay
CD11-1 We All Rage In Gold 6:36
CD11-2 At The Well 10:05
CD11-3 My Heart For Deliverance 11:40
CD11-4 Bleeding The Pigs 7:20
CD11-5 Casting Of The Ages 10:03
CD11-6 All Is Found… In Time 8:50
CD11-7 Raise The Dawn 5:57

Written-By, Producer – Alex Morph*, Markus Welt*, Ralf Merle*