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No Noise No Fun! (The Second Attack)
1 x Tape
Germany - 1988 - 24 Tracks
Not On Label (Tumor (3) Self-released) none
pre- Yacopsae; genuine 1988 numbered edition demo tape, this is #054, includes extra insert with track list, comes on a "SOUND TAPE 5 SUPER FERRO" tape


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# Titel Dauer
A1 I Hate Horst Z. 0:01
A2 No Noise Reduction 0:41
A3 Instrumental II 0:35
A4 Never Trust 0:18
A5 Spletter 0:26
A6 Evil Attack Of Horst Z. 0:35
A7 Ultra Doof 1:23
A8 Dedede 0:11
A9 No Noise No Fun 0:13
A10 Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight 0:20
A11 This Is Angry Pt.1 0:01
A12 Killertomatoes From Outerspace 0:01
A13 D.R.I. (Dirty Rich Imbeciles) 0:01
A14 Deathnoise 0:01
A15 Uuuuuuuuaaaaaargh 0:01
A16 Voll In Die Pupe Schmatzen 0:02
A17 The Neverending Story 0:22
A18 Sex & Violence (Fuck The Expl.) 1:25
A19 Instrumental III 0:38
A20 Ultramegahorribledeaf 0:44
A21 Who Do We Think We Are 0:42
A22 T.O.T. 0:50
A23 Violence 0:21
A24 Der Waienburger Zapfenstreich