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The Golden Turkey Album: The Best Songs From The Worst Movies
1 x LP Vinyl
US - 1985 - 16 Tracks
Rhino Records (2) RNSP 307
A1 from "Plan Nine From Outer Space" A2 from "The Blob" A3, A8 from "Eegah!" A4 from "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies?" A5 from "Rock, Baby - Rock It!" A6 from "Two Thousand Maniacs" A7 from "The Lemon Grove Kids Meet The Green Grasshopper And The Vampire Lady From Outer Space" B1 from "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" B2 from "Wild Guitar" B3 from "The Terror Of Tiny Town" B4, B5 from "The Creeping Terror" B6 from "Frankenstein's Daughter" B7, B8 from "Rat Pfink A Boo Boo"


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# Titel Artist
A1 Grip Of The Law

Unknown Artist
A2 Beware Of The Blob

The Five Blobs
A3 Valerie

Arch Hall, Jr.
A4 Shook Out Of Shape

Carol Kay & The Stone Tones
A5 Lonesome

Bobby And Benny Belew
A6 Robert E. Lee Broke His Musket On His Knee

The Pleasant Valley Boys
A7 We’re The Lemon Grove Kids

“Tickles” Steckler
Don Snyder
Linda Steckler
Tony “Peewee” Flynn
A8 Vickie

Arch Hall, Jr.
B1 Hooray For Santa Claus

Milton Delugg
The Little Eskimos
B2 Yes, I Will

Arch Hall, Jr.
B3 Hey Look Out! (I Want To Make Love To You)

Johnnie Fern
B4 The Dance Hall Twist

Unknown Artist
B5 She Left Me Lonely

Unknown Artist
B6 Special Date

Harold “Duke” Lloyd
The Page Cavanaugh Trio
B7 Rat Pfink

Ron Haydock And The Boppers
B8 Big Boss A-Go-Go Party

Ron Haydock And The Boppers