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Various   Tri Bleiz DieLost DisciplesNevrotic Explosion
Breizh Disorder Compilation Volume 2
1 x LP Vinyl
France - 2001 - 31 Tracks
Mass Productions MASS32
double vinyl, gatefold sleeve
some surface marks on vinyl


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# Titel Artist Dauer
A1 Ar Ger A Is

Tri Bleiz Die 3:30
A2 Exit Door

Lost Disciples 2:40
A3 Nobody Listens

Nevrotic Explosion 3:32
A4 Enragé

Right 4 Life 3:08
A5 To Learn

To Learn 1:06
A6 Read Your Lips

Boda 2:30

No Place For Soul 2:49
B1 Nulachier

Commando Banane 2:30
B2 Liars

Gotham 2:43
B3 Up Your Kilt

Charly’s Angels 2:15
B4 We Are The Road Crew

Born In Flames 3:00
B5 La Rage

Dead & The Stuff 2:00
B6 Accident

F.C. Aspirator 2:17
B7 Such Is Life

By All Means 2:34
B8 Rocket Ska

Skuds And Panic People 2:22
C1 Norbert II

Les Zèbres 3:20
C2 103 Pogo

103 Pogo 2:20
C3 Oi! The Pommeraisin

Apple Crew 1:48
C4 Totor 22

Crasha 236 2:25
C5 Amen Toi

No Face 3:31
C6 Esclave De

Etat D’Urgence 2:10
C7 Anarland

Ball Of Whacks 2:26
D1 Corrida ?

E.B.I. Compagnie 1:11
D2 Wake Up

Slamface 1:37
D3 Lost Generation

Lix Xivia 1:38
D4 Drop Of Love

Kevorkia 1:00
D5 Total Assholecore

The Mad Thrashers 1:26
D6 L’Ange Déchu

Core Y Gang 4:24
D7 Sectomanie

Arkazh 2:46
D8 Korrigans Of 2000

Bacchus Temple Addicts 3:48
D9 Outro

Core Y Gang 0:40

Mastered By – Pierre-Louis Carsin