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Socially Conform
1 x Tape
Czech Republic - 2001 - 44 Tracks
Insane Society Records IS 004



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# Titel
A1 Fuct The Facts
A2 Education
A3 Our Freedom, A Lie
A4 Drowned In Restrictions
A5 Hail To Finland (Intro)
A6 Silly Values
A7 Destroy Everything
A8 Endless Hopes
A9 Technologic Error
A10 No Will To Change
A11 The Root Of All Crimes
A12 Fur-Coats
A13 Rejecting The Media
A14 Reality Based On Lies
A15 Anna Mulle Piiskaa
A16 Ignorant Pride
A17 Anger Against Conformity
A18 Hidden From Yourself
A19 Very Important People
A20 The Pest
A21 Thy Extreme Vanity
A22 Removing The Mask
A23 The Hideous Poet
A24 Another Boring Day
A25 Fuck You All
A26 Puppet
A27 Absolution
B28 Almighty God
B29 Living To Deceive
B30 Rejecting The Media
B31 My Enemy
B32 Fatality?
B33 Destroy Everything
B34 The Hideous Poet
B35 Drowned In Restrictions
B36 Smiling Faces
B37 Slave Of Majority
B38 Where’s My Happiness?
B39 What I Feel Is What I Want
B40 Anna Mulle Piiskaa
B41 The Actor
B42 Subversive Not Alternative
B43 Technologic Error
B44 Catch As – Catch Can

Producer – The Parallel Brothers
Written-By – Parallel Bros.*