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Peter And The Test Tube Babies  
The Punk Singles Collection
1 x LP Vinyl
Italy - 2014 - 18 Tracks
Radiation Reissues RRS35
M / M


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# Titel
A1 Banned From The Pubs
A2 Moped Lads
A3 Peacehaven Wild Kids
A4 Run Like Hell
A5 Up Yer Bum
A6 Zombie Creeping Flesh
A7 No Invitation
A8 Smash And Grab
A9 The Jinx
A10 Trapper Ain’t Got A Bird
B1 Wimpeez
B2 Never Made It
B3 Blown Out Again
B4 Rotting In The Fart Sack
B5 Ten Deadly Sins
B6 Spirit Of Keith Moon
B7 Boozanza
B8 Alcohol