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2 x LP Vinyl
United States - 2010 - 30 Tracks
17 North Parade VP 4162

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# Titel
Volcano Singers
A1 Prison Oval Rock
A2 I Am The Don
A3 Police In Helicopter
A4 Hog & Goat
A5 Give Israel Another Try
A6 Chip In
A7 Lover’s Affair
B1 Ice Cream Love
B2 Fire House Rock
B3 Come Fi Mash It
B4 Dancehall Style
B5 Pass The Tu Sheng Peng
B6 Look How Me Sexy
B7 Last Dance
Volcano Deejays
C1 Boneman Connection
C2 Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
C3 Wolla Woope
C4 Bible Story
C5 Anarexol
C6 Two Bad DJ
C7 Fisherman Style
D1 Bam Salute
D2 Bubbling Telephone (Chalice)
D3 Some A Holla
D4 Diseases
D5 Wicked She Wicked
D6 Dance Pon The Corner
D7 How The West Was Won

Producer – Henry “Junjo” Lawes