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Echo & the Bunnymen  
B-sides & Live (2001-2005)
2 x LP Vinyl
Europe - 2022 - 16 Tracks
Demon Records DEMREC1000
RSD 2022 release, first time on vinyl, clear vinyl
M / M


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# Titel
A1 Marble Towers
A2 Scratch The Past
A3 Rescue (Mindwinder’s Remix)
A4 A Promise (Lo Fi Lullabye #1)
B1 Supermellowman (Instrumental Version)
B2 Ticket To Ride
B3 What If We Are (Vocal & String Version)
B4 Stormy Weather (Instrumental Version)
C1 Make Me Shine (Live Acoustic Version)
C2 Nothing Lasts Forever (Live Acoustic Version)
C3 In The Margins (Instrumental Version)
C4 Villiers Terrace (Live)
D1 In The Margins (Live At Reading Festival 2005)
D2 Nothing Lasts Forever (Live At Reading Festival 2005)
D3 Killing Moon (Live At Reading Festival 2005)
D4 Lips Like Sugar (Live At Reading Festival 2005)