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4 x LP Vinyl
Canada - 2016 - 81 Tracks
Unrest Records LP034
limited edition of 200 copies on transparent red vinyl, comes with milky clear plastic slipcase, booklet and poster, gatefold sleeve
minor hairline/manufacturing marks on vinyl, minor shelf wear on sleeve


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# Titel Dauer
A1 Noxious Emissions
A2 Labels
A3 Red Sands
A4 Ideals Of An Idiot
A5 Shut
A6 Corrupt Regime
A7 Led To The Gallows
A8 Another Angle On Angling 1:37
A9 No One Seems To Give A Fuck 2:44
B1 Trapped 2:16
B2 Leave Me Be 1:55
B3 Succumb To The Pressure 1:49
B4 You’ve No One To Blame 1:20
B5 Xenophobia 1:07
B6 From Protest To Resistance 1:54
B7 Crusade Of Fanaticism 1:15
B8 An End To White Rule 1:34
C1 Domestic Prison 2:00
C2 Mass Graves 2:04
C3 Complaint 1:35
C4 A Life’s A Life 2:07
C5 Pay For… 1:17
C6 Unrest 1:42
C7 Reality Distortion 3:25
C8 Down My Throat 1:59
C9 Tortured In Entirety 0:34
C10 Religion Is A Fraud 2:33
D1 We Stand Corrected 1:01
D2 Faction Disaster 1:09
D3 Human Garbage 2:11
D4 Without Sincerity 1:28
D5 Neglected 2:28
D6 Same Old Shit 0:35
D7 For What 2:45
D8 Squandered 1:25
D9 Mindlock 3:00
D10 Green To Grey 1:22
D11 Religion Is A Fraud
E1 Critics
E2 Smash Divisions
E3 Dog Eat Dog
E4 Deprived
E5 Give It Back
E6 Victims Of Tradition
E7 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
E8 Lack Of Intelligence
E9 No Values
E10 Solidarity
F1 Equalize 3:03
F2 Crock O Christian 1:30
F3 Trying My Trust 1:33
F4 Squandered
F5 Body Count
F6 Coexistence
F7 Slave To Stupidity
G1 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
G2 God Fearing Citizen
G3 Victims Of Tradition
G4 Solidarity
G5 Critics
G6 Deprived
G7 Rid The Cancer
G8 Lack Of Intelligence
G9 Give It Back
G10 Anti-sobriety Song
G11 Pigs Suck
G12 Smash Divisions
G13 Eat Shit
H1 Dog Eat Dog
H2 Suffocation
H3 Subject To Suffering
H4 No Values
H5 Inebriated
H6 Refuse Planet
H7 G.A.M.E.
H8 Consumed By The System
H9 Doomed To Extinction
H10 Be Your Own Boss
H11 Rid The Cancer
H12 Millions Die For Moneymaking
H13 Crock O Christian

Remastered By – Brad Boatright