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Busta Rhymes  
2 x LP Vinyl
Europe - 2016 - 20 Tracks
Music On Vinyl MOVLP1603
reissue of 2001 studio album
M / M
neu und ungespielt, aber nicht verschweisst // new and unplayed but not sealed


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# Titel
A2 Everybody Rise Again
A3 As I Come Back
A4 Shut ‘Em Down 2002
A5 Genesis
B1 Betta Stay Up In Your House
B2 We Got What You Want
Truck Volume
B4 Pass The Courvoisier
B5 Break Ya Neck
C1 Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It)
C2 Holla
Wife In Law
A** On Your Shoulders
C5 Make It Hurt
D1 What It Is
D2 There’s Only One
D3 You Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit Me
D4 Match The Name With The Voice
D5 Bad Dreams

A&R – Edgar “Turbo” Clarke, Trevor Jerideau
Administrator [A&R Administration] – Gail Hansen, Rani Hancock
Art Direction – Alli*
Cover [Cover Design] – Mista Dean Karr*
Design [Busta Rhymes Logo Genesized By] – Kevin Candela
Design [Busta Rhymes Logo] – Alli*
Design [Cover Design] – Mista Dean Karr*
Executive-Producer – Busta Rhymes
Executive-Producer [Executive In Charge Of Production] – Gail Hansen
Hair [Hair Design] – Dionne Webb
Legal [Legal Counsel] – Davis Shapiro & Lewit*
Legal [Sample Clearance Services] – Music Resources, Inc., Robin Hill (3)
Management – Chris Lighty, Mona Scott, Violator Management
Mastered By – Tom Coyne
Mixed By – Brian Springer (tracks: C4.2), DURO (tracks: A3), Dre* (tracks: B3.2, B5, C2), Mauricio “Veto” Iragorri (tracks: C1), Pete Rock (tracks: A4), Vinny Nicoletti Of Towers Audio* (tracks: A1.1, A1.2, A4 to B3.1, C3.1 to C4.1, C4.3 to D5)
Mixed By [Assisted By] – Alex “Condor” Aligizakis* (tracks: A5, B2, C3.2, C5, D4, D5), Darren Rapp (tracks: A2, B1, B4, D2, D3), Greg Smith (2) (tracks: A1.1, A1.2), John Adler* (tracks: D1)
Mixed By [Second Mix Assistant] – Kristina Ardron (tracks: A5, B2, C3.2, C5, D4, D5)
Photography By – Mista Dean Karr*
Photography By [Photo Shoot Production] – Chris LeBeau
Producer [Production For Dean Karr] – Yamani Watkins*
Product Manager [Marketing & Promotions] – James Cruz (2), Laura Ciocia
Recorded By – Andrew Coleman (3) (tracks: D1), Brian Garten (tracks: A3), Brian Vibberts (tracks: C1), Darren Rapp (tracks: A4), Mauricio Iragorri* (tracks: B3.2, B5 to C2), Patrick Gordon Of Towers Audio* (tracks: A2, A5 to B2, C3.2, C5, D2 to D4), Tim Nitts (tracks: C4.2), Vinnie Nicoletti Of Towers Audio* (tracks: A1.1, A1.2, A4 to B3.1, B3.2, B4, C3.1 to C4.1, C4.3, C5, D2, D4, D5), Wayne Allison* (tracks: B4)
Recorded By [Assisted By] – Alex “Condor” Aligizakis* (tracks: A5, B2), Brian Wohlgemuth (tracks: C1), Darrell Thorp (tracks: C2), Darren Rapp (tracks: A1.1, A1.2, A5, B1, B4, C5, D2, D5), Greg Burns (tracks: B3.2, B5, C1, C2), Greg Smith (2) (tracks: A2, D3, D4), Hyungseok Oh (tracks: A1.1, A1.2, B4), Jamie “SS” Garcia (tracks: A4, B2, C3.2), Thomas Rounds (tracks: B3.2, C2)
Recorded By [Second Assistant Recording] – Kristina Ardron (tracks: A5, B2, C3.2, C5)
Stylist [Grooming] – Sir Johnson
Stylist [Styling] – June Ambrose, Rasheed Booth
Typography [Genesis Type] – Kevin Candela