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Attitude Adjustment  
American Paranoia
1 x LP Vinyl
United States - 2018 - 69 Tracks
Taang! Records TAANG! 192
limited edition reissue with DVD
M / M


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# Titel
A1 Grey World
A2 Dope Fiend
A3 Hunger & Poverty
A4 Fuck Chuck
A5 Dead Serious
A6 Johnny
A7 Attitude Adjustment
B1 American Paranoia
B2 Warfear
B3 Streetwise
B4 Working Class Pride
B5 In The Center
B6 Bombs
B7 Rambo
B8 Incredible End
Life At The Farm, SF In 1986
DVD-1 Bombs
DVD-2 Warfare
DVD-3 Live 1989 – 1991
DVD-4 Third World Child (Unreleased)
DVD-5 Electric Shock
DVD-6 Working Class Pride
DVD-7 D.S.F.A.
DVD-8 Fuck Chuck
DVD-9 Destructions End
DVD-10 Hunger And Poverty
DVD-11 American Paranoia
DVD-12 Nine To Five Religion
DVD-13 Streetwise
DVD-14 Johnny
DVD-15 Rambo Was A Fag
DVD-16 Practice For War (Unreleased)
DVD-16 In The Center (It Was Silent)
DVD-17 Dope Fiend
DVD-18 Dead Serious
Live 1988-1991
7th Street, Oakland 1988
DVD-19 Born To Lose
DVD-20 To Be Different
DVD-21 Pay The Price
DVD-22 Attitude Adjustment
The Stone, SF 6/12/88
DVD-23 My Problem Is…
DVD-24 Satan Is God
DVD-25 To Be Different
Ruthies, Berkeley 6/22/88
DVD-26 My Problem Is…
DVD-27 Endless Sight
DVD-28 Swastika Troops
DVD-29 No Explanations
DVD-30 The Way I Am
The Stone, SF Dec, 1988
DVD-31 Grey World
DVD-32 Satan Is God
DVD-33 My Head’s A Mess
DVD-34 Attitude Adjustment
Chatterbox, Oakland 3/11/89
DVD-35 Born To Lose
DVD-36 There’s No Doubt
Real Rock, Oakland 9/22/91
DVD-37 The Truth
DVD-38 I Cant Forgive
DVD-39 The Power Of Control
DVD-40 Deceived
DVD-41 Scarred For Life
Your Place Too, Oakland 9/22/91
DVD-42 I Can’t Forgive
DVD-43 Satan Is God