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Agent Orange  
1 x LP Vinyl
US - 2023 - 14 Tracks
Cleopatra CLO3541
Limited edition on red/orange splatter vinyl. Compilation of new recordings of songs from the band's back catalog, plus some new tracks. (Reissue of Greatest And Latest - This, That-N-The Other Thing, with different title and artwork and one additional track.)
M / M


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# Titel
A1 It’s All A Blur
A2 Say It Isn’t True
A3 Breakdown
A4 Wouldn’t Last A Day
A5 Everything Turns Grey
A6 Message From The Underworld
A7 El Dorado
B1 Tearing Me Apart
B2 Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
B3 I Kill Spies
B4 Bloodstains
B5 What’s The Combination?
B6 Bite The Hand That Feeds (Instrumental)
B7 Seek And Destroy